I'm Emerald the Enchanting Witch, the webmistress of Strange-Little-Girls.com.  This site is all about my friends and I who live at Dollhart Manor - an estate I inherited last spring from my dear Great Grandwitch, the legendary Mrs. Esemarellda Marizpan.  My best friend, Susie Sad Eyes lives here with me, as well as Angelina the Angel, my Auntie Ms. Gidee Yup and her friend Ms. Princess Pig "Ms. PP" for short.  We have a few rooms for rent still... truthfully I'd love to have some more Kamar girls around - Angelina is a heavenly roomie.

    Susie and I are fascinated by paranormal investigations and any types ghost stories or horror movies.  A lot of our free time is spent investigating local legends and exploring abandoned doll houses. Angelina is our resident gardener who keeps the grounds around Dollhart trim and beautiful.  Auntie Giddee and Ms. PP share the downstairs rooms where Auntie Giddee hosts her seances and does tarot readings.  Lots of interesting folks stop by to see her!  I'm not sure what Ms. PP does for a living but she's always got a load of cash....   

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    Susie found some old furniture in the basement.  She's so crafty, I can not wait to see how she brings new life to this ragged heap of trash.  I'm sure she'll post some "after pics" very soon.